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Soft Limit on CNC Machining Center
Introduction to Soft Limit

Many people are familiar with the machining center, but for its travel settings may be somewhat unfamiliar, how to make the machining center's travel settings more reasonable, we will talk about today, for example.   

       Machining center with other processing equipment have their effective stroke. In the machine tool processing before the first set XYZ three-axis maximum stroke, in order to prevent due to more than the maximum stroke, the conventional machining center caused permanent damage. When setting this value for the first time, we can set the travel range smaller than the actual value to prevent accidents.  

       The machining center can be set with soft limits according to the functions given by the CNC. Determining the actual travel according to the position of the mechanical home switch is very helpful in protecting the machine. After the table travel space is reasonably set, if the machine movement exceeds this range, the system prompts a soft limit alarm, which is not a real limit switch, but the result of the software according to the current mechanical coordinates and the table travel space compared to the machine, without causing damage that may be caused by the crash limit switch or hard limit.       
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