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FANUC System Alarm Interface
When the system detects a condition that prevents the system from maintaining normal operation, the system alarm screen will be transferred.

When entering the system alarm state, the system will:

- Disconnect the excitation of servo and spindle amplifier

- Disconnect I/O Link communication

When a system alarm occurs, it switches to the screen shown below. This screen is called the system alarm screen.

System alarms can be categorized into the following three types.

- Alarms detected by software

- Alarms detected by hardware

- Other alarms

1 Alarms detected by software

Alarms detected by software

Software abnormalities are detected mainly by the CNC system software. Typical causes of abnormalities are:

- Detection of processing/data conflicts based on internal status monitoring software

- Access outside the data/command range

- Divide by zero

- Stack overflow

- Stack overflow

- DRAM sum check error


Alarms Detected by Hardware

Hardware anomalies are detected primarily by the hardware. Typical causes of anomalies are:

- Parity error (DRAM, SRAM, Hyper Cache)

- Bus error

- Power alarms

- FSSB cable disconnection


Other Alarms

Other causes are:

- Alarms detected by peripheral software

- Servo software (watchdog, etc.)

- PMC software (I/O Link communication abnormality, etc.)
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