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FANUC SP9033 SV0442 DC LINK Charging Abnormal Insufficient Charging Alarm Case in Inverter

DC LINK charging abnormality in FANUC SV0442 inverter. 

FANUC SP9033 DC LINK undercharging alarm case 

1SV0442 alarm analysis

Alarm cause: Common power supply: DC LINK backup discharge circuit is abnormal.

Troubleshooting ideas:

1: First, make sure that the strong power must be provided to the amplifier immediately after the emergency stop is turned on, and that the voltage is sufficient.

2:Check whether the phase sequence of CX48 is consistent with the strong power of the amplifier.

3:Check whether there is any problem with other wiring related to the power supply.

4:Replace the amplifier for troubleshooting

2SP9033 DC LINK insufficient charging

Amplifier alarm number: 33

Alarm cause: When the electromagnetic contactor is on, the DC power supply voltage of the power circuit department is not sufficiently charged (common power alarm display 5).

Troubleshooting ideas:

Check and modify the power supply voltage.

Replace the common power supply.

Often occurs with sv0442, check cx48 port wiring
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